Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Aplikasi2 Blackberry OTA

BBM (Official): Link
Description: Last official update from RIM. This link is for all models. Recommended.

BBM 4.7 (Official): Link
Description: The official BBM that comes within the RIM OS 5.0. This link is for all 
models. Recommended.

BBM 4.5 (Curve / Javelin): Link
Description: The BBM old (above) for 8300/8310/8320/8900 BBs.

Edit Reply and Forward
Description: Edit your forwards and replies before shipping.

Description: The Guachi your BB.
Usage: Now blocks specific numbers, private calls antispam and antivirus!

Description: Foursquare for BlackBerry in its final version.
Use: Join the network of geolocation!

Description: First chat lets you talk to iPhone users!
Use: It looks like the BBM or Windows Live Messenger, easy to use.

Mute Camera App
Description: Mutes the sound of the camera.
Usage: Before taking the picture, press menu and select Mute!

Capture It
Description: Throw a picture on the screen of your BB.

Description: Make a Battery Pull without removing the battery.

Reset LED
Description: Resets the red light bulb in your BB.

TyperSpeed in Castilian
Description: See how fast you can type in your BB. Spanish version exclusive Dominican BB

AIM Instant Messenger
Description: AOL Instant Messenger client.

Buzz Me
Description: It vibrates and rings at the same time.

Description: Last official version.

Description: Upload photos from your BB.

Gmail App
Description: Application for Gmail.

Google Maps
Description: GPS / Mapping Google (Recommended).

Google Sync
Description: Synchronize your BB with Google Calendar.

Google Talk
Description: Instant messaging.

Quick Pull
Description: Simulates a battery pull.
Speed Test
Description: Test your internet speed BB.

Description: Client for twitter.

Description: Client for Twitter (Recommended).

Description: These hearing a song and want to know who sings it? Use this to ID your music.

Description: Make calls even when your BB off the low battery radio.

Description: Starts a new SMS with the press of the Q.

Description: Free memory on your BB.

Description: Poderoza organizational tool for making notes of all kinds.

Description: Get a vibration when your call goes 55 seconds and 1 minute do not spend unnecessary.

Source http://bb.com.do/files/

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